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Sale report – Friday 11th April

Sussex Cattle Societies Spring Show and Sale of Pedigree Breeding Cattle – 5 Bulls and 94 Females Sold

Auctioneer: Mark Cleverdon 07748 202688

Report on trade: Demand for well bred cattle continues to bubble along near to boiling point as demonstrated by the trade this spring for particularly first calved heifers and cows and calves. The top bred bulls are also in demand with the auction record price for a Sussex bull broken again in the Ashford sale ring. A large entry of maiden heifers met good demand and the sale again produced good averages with the weather encouraging grazing farmers to ringside too.

The society show was judged by Barry Noakes (Trottenden) and 2 bulls stood out L Stevens and Sons Boxted Wellington 5th and Chandler and Dunn’s Goldstone Regent 3rd. The Regent bull was Champion and Wellington reserve.

Females as pairs saw Chandler and Dunn stand up again in the in calvers (1st and 2nd) with Earl de la Warr and L Stevens and Sons taking first and second respectively in the maidens and 2 more de la Warr pairs 3rd and 4th. Female champion was Goldstone Iris 55th with reserve Buckhurst Jane 17th.

Sale commenced with cows and calves from the Wetland Trust making 1350gns and then the run of 6 calved heifers from Torry Hill Farms which sold from 1950gns to 2800gns for Torry Hill Gentian 14th with a bull calf by Spenmoss General 6th purchased by John Paine Farms, Lydd, Romney Marsh.

The sale of bulls saw records broken when Goldstone Duke 3rd made 5,600gns to Sutton Estates Berkshire Estate. Champion and reserve both made 3800gns and both went to Oxfordshire. Goldstone Regent 3rd to Rupert Soames and Boxted Wellington 5th to J H Norman and Sons (P Brown), Biscester. The 3rd Goldstone bull made 3000gns to a new herd owners Price-Whitehead from Tenterden, Kent.

The Wetland Trust sold 8 in calf heifers to 1125gns and they all are now in Norfolk on the Ravingham Estate and Chandler and Dunn sold in calvers to 1250gns.

Stars in the maiden heifer stakes included the 4 Royal Farms heifers at 900 to 1050gns while L Stevens and Sons regular consignment topped at 1050gns. The trade was very even through the rest with feeders taking a share particularly from the outwintered runs.

Averages: 8 cows and heifers with calves 2121gns; 5 bulls 3425gns; 13 in calf heifers 1105gns and 73 maiden heifers 773 gns

Top breeders consignments: Torry Hill Farms 6 calf heifers to 2800gns av 2250; Wetland Trusts 8 in calf heifers to 1125gns av 1068gns; Chandler and Dunns 4 in calf heifers to 1250gns av 1162gns L Stevens and Sons 5 maiden heifers to 1050gns av 925gns; Earl de la Warr 11 to 1000gns av 917gns; Royal Farms 4 heifers to 1050gns av 943gns; Passmore Coombes 20 maiden heifers to 750gns av 698gns and Mr and Mrs K V Watts 9 maiden heifers to 880gns av 754gns  

SHOW RESULTS : Judge Mr. C.B. Noakes

Bull born on or before 31/12/11

1st Goldstone Regent 3rd, Chandler & Dunn Ltd.

Bull born on or after 1/1/2012

1st Boxted Wellington 5th, L. Stevens & Sons

2nd Goldstone Duke 3rd, Chandler & Dunn Ltd.

3rd Goldstone Poll Duke 1st, Chandler & Dunn Ltd.

CHAMPION: Goldstone Regent 3rd, RESERVE: Boxted Wellington 5th


1st Goldstone Snowdrop 198th & Goldstone Gaiety 61st, Chandler & Dunn Ltd.

2nd Goldstone Snowdrop 200th & Goldstone Iris 55th, Chandler & Dunn Ltd.

3rd Elmshill Fabourite 5th & Elmshill Sheilagh 1st, Wetland Trust

4th Elmshill Prebble 3rd & Elmshill Anne 2nd, Wetland Trust


1st Buckhurst Jane 17th & Buckhurst Terpsichore 3rd, The Earl De La Warr

2nd Boxted Finch 92nd & Boxted Finch 96th, L. Stevens & Sons

3rd Buckhurst Tanis 4th & Buckhurst Kendra 2nd, The Earl De La Warr

4th Buckhurst Purslane 6th & Buckhurst Robyn 3rd, The Earl De La Warr

CHAMPION: Goldstone Iris 55th, RESERVE: Buckhurst Jane 17th

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